Tuesday, July 5, 2011

UM Project by François Chambard

On sale today through Thursday at Fab.com are some delightful furniture pieces from François Chambard's Brooklyn-based UM Project (that's UM for Users and Makers). My favorites, surprising no one, are the Milking Stools and Candy tables for their colorful finishes and pleasantly rounded legs:

Last week our studiomate Nick was kind enough to trade space and help us expand our studio, so we have a nicer space than we did before. But dang, based on the pictures on UM's site, I've got some studio envy in addition to colorful furniture envy!


mimi k said...

WoW! And, I will look forward to the next open studio and seeing the expanded space- you needed it!

Chroma Lab said...

Mimi, you won't believe it--we have windows now! ;)