Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Boon Inc.

Have you seen the drying racks by Boon Inc. that look like patches of bright green grass? I use one in my office as a holder for bits of paper I need to keep on hand, like invites (and, full granny disclosure, coupons):
Boon is now making a larger size of the Grass rack, called Lawn, of course. We have a super colorful kitchen, so this would fit right in and be a lot more fun than the standard wire rack we have now:
Boon makes a lot of rad, design-forward gear for babies, but there's a subset of the so-called adult population who have similar needs. Some adults, possibly me, need to carry snack foods at all times in a snack ball:
I draw the line at a sippy cup, but this is definitely the coolest sippy cup ever, right?:

Move over, babies, I'm coming to get your stuff. Thanks to Chez Larsson for mentioning the new drying rack on her always-inspiring blog.

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