Friday, April 2, 2010

In Living Color

Some of our favorite clients were included in a Boston Globe article yesterday called In Living Color, which featured colorful homes and advice on how to brighten up a space from yours truly. Our clients were kind enough to recommend Chroma Lab to the reporter, who conducted a short interview with us about tips and techniques to introduce more color into your interiors. You can check out our simple advice here.

The article was paired with a great slide show of Boston-area homes that are full of exciting colors, including our clients, below. Hi, guys! Click on the links to see the work we completed for their home: a rainbow raindrop bathroom (with a step by step how-to), a Boontje-inspired hallway, and two vivid furniture pieces.

Also featured are Paula Soares and Brian Zinc of Cambridge:

And Heather Hauser and Chris Cooper of Acton:

These are some very inspiring interiors for the color-inclined, are they not? Thanks to Globe Reporter Lucy Barber for spreading the word that Bostonians aren't afraid to get bold with their homes!

All photos are from Do you have the theme song from In Living Color in your head now, too?


Fraske Designs said...

love those colors!

Fizz & Honey said...

Hi guys! Loved your advice!

Chroma Lab said...

Allison, thanks for visiting! And Ila, right back atcha :)