Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some Recent Custom Work

All this week we're working on a bathroom wall treatment for some of our favorite clients, a couple living in our neighborhood of Jamaica Plain. They've been kind enough to hire us several times for various projects, and we have loved working with them because they like color as much as we do. After meeting us at an outdoor market, they asked us to revive two pieces of furniture, a dresser for their bedroom and a table for their porch. We had a great time with these two projects, which have happily fit right into our client's very colorful home!

Hand painted purple dresser with an orange interior and specialty
glazed top coat in a crosshatch pattern. That's kind of a mouthful!

Vintage coffee table covered in high-gloss yellow
automotive finish with green and white stripe detailing.

The two pieces together in the bedroom, where the table is hibernating until spring.

We've already finished one wall treatment in their hallway. I'll be sharing those process and finished project pictures tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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