Thursday, January 7, 2010

Boomin' Granny Cart

I've gradually been getting back into the swing of things after the glut of holiday madness, and it's a real relief. I'm comforted by accomplishing my routine errands and tasks related to Chroma Lab and the rest of my day to day life, and living in the city, I get it all done with my granny cart.

I have no idea what those little fold-up carts are actually called--fold-up carts, perhaps? When I lived in England as a child, I always saw the grannies of West Byfleet toting their sundries around in them. Hence, they are granny carts, and like a granny, I use mine everyday. If you've been so kind as to order a clock from us, it's been carted to the Jamaica Plain post office via The Granny.

So when I saw this picture of a TOTALLY BOOMIN' granny art cart by artist Kori Newkirk in an exhibition review of the show "30 Seconds Off an Inch" at the Studio Museum in Harlem, I nearly lost my mind. A Chroma Lab-d Granny. Of course, there's more to Newkirk's untitled piece than colors on a cart. The object itself evokes a working class, city-based existence, and the author points out in the review that the colored plexiglass is reminiscent of a church's stained glass window. But, shoot, the colors!

I'll soon be taking a page out of Newkirk's book by Chroma Lab-ing my Granny. Live your brand, I always say.


Lucie Wicker Art said...

I see these carts in the North End all the time but this color one is badass! I want one!

Chroma Lab said...

Wouldn't that make grocery shopping fun?!