Sunday, April 1, 2012

Doug Aitken and Gemma Ponsa

This is the first of two photo spreads in today's New York Times Style Magazine that had me gasping and tearing out sheets for my collection--artist Doug Aitken and Gemma Ponsa's California home:

 Photos by Jason Schmidt for The New York Times

I love the light-filled openness of this house, aided by clerestory windows, modern stained glass, and seamless panes that magically float around corners throughout. See more here.

According to the article, the walls that look as if they're covered in vegetation are hand silk screened. It's hard to tell from just the photos, but some of the walls appear to be papered and others look like they've been screened directly. Even Tony can't tell what's what on this one, but unfortunately the artist or company responsible isn't mentioned. For the second photo spread, look to the next post!

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Patent Attorney said...

That green wall - I can't decide whether I like it or not. Perhaps it works. in a room where the other walls are white.