Monday, May 24, 2010

Zooguu + Goobeetsa + Etsy = Ridonkulous

Our friends Jen of Zooguu and Brian of Goobeetsa were commissioned to makeover a few rooms at Etsy's headquarters in New York, and the results are what you might expect from those two: whimsical and genius-y.

The first two rooms are places for Etsy's employees to retreat when they need to make phone calls away from the hubub. Jen's telephone room is an office where everything has been plushed and supersized. If you need to do some quiet typing or rest your head on a giant, cushy Etsy mug, this is the place to do it:

Brian designed his telephone room as a villain's lair, where a bad guy can hang up his helmet and cape and keep his malicious affairs in order. A doomsday device helps with that, as does a bulletin board covered with villain invoices:

Go visit the Zooguu blog and the Goobeetsa blog for more pictures and their own descriptions of the projects. The top secret third commissioned room is now underway! So, on a scale of one to awesome, how awesome do you think this is?

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