Friday, May 7, 2010

Pendant Lights in Every Color

I've been looking around for pendant lights featuring (what else?) bright, saturated color, and here are three favorite styles I've come across.

The first, which comes in nine hues, is the Hang on Honey pendant light by Danish lighting company oioi. The shade is held onto the bulb with teeny silicone knobs in contrasting colors, a very nice detail!

Let's say you have a good sized lighting budget and you want to experiment with color mixing. We can dream, right? You might consider grouping a few FL/Y hanging lamps from Kartell:

The last style is the NUD Classic porcelain pendant light. It's shadeless but features a charmingly old-fashioned textile cord made modern with color and pattern:

You choose from 44 (44!) colors and patterns for the cord, a level of choice that is both awesome and paralyzing at the same time.

I'm being totally drawn in by the tiny black and white zig zags! Which would you choose? Got any good sources for pendant lights up your sleeve?


Kerry Hawkins said...

I love your blog posts. So full of color

Chroma Lab said...

We aim to please! Thanks, Kerry, I'm happy you enjoy the blog. I hope we see you at SoWA soon!