Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Emmanuelle Moureaux

Did you see this Shibafu table (Japanese for "lawn") by Emmanuelle Moureaux on Moco Loco? Just about any piece of furniture that includes all these great colors and helps me imagine a multicolored lawn that I would never, ever mow is good in my book:

Moureaux is a Tokyo-based designer and architect who includes lots of color in many of her projects, like the Puzzlebox below (based on a tiered Japanese lunch box):

Her use of color also extends to her architectural and interior projects. Here's an exterior shot of a bank Moureaux designed and branded with rainbow colored squares in Niiza, Japan:

And a showroom designed to display a full range of colored films produced by another Tokyo company:

Ahh, rainbow bliss. See these and other colorful projects on Moureaux's site.

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