Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Marimekko Pops!

In the Boston Globe article that ran last week, a bit of advice we gave to people who aren't ready to take the complete color plunge in their home is to add pops of color through accessories like cushions and throws. I thought I'd look for a few things like that for a blog post, and like an addict needing a fix I ended up at Marimekko's site.

Here's what I decided. I need a little jar labeled "Marimekko" into which I feed spare change daily. When it's full, I get to go shopping. Here are some most excellent pops of color from their Spring interiors collection that I'd get right now if the jar was full:

Pieni Melooni Soaps

Little rainbow rings soap? You're killing me, Marimekko, you're killing me! What are your picks, from this site or otherwise?


Carrie S. said...

I'm DYING for this tray and stand: So awesome.

Luckily, the hubs tries to find something Marimekko for me every Christmas. One year it was a vintage pillow cover with a giant rose - I DIE. Only…9 months to go? Sigh. Maybe I need a Marimekko jar of my own.

Chroma Lab said...

WHOA that table is RAD! That settles it. Starting a Marimekko jar for real. Thanks for sharing your find, Carrie Pony!

Mallory said...

I'm a total believer in change jar saving! It's amazing how much you can accumulate. I bought a plane ticket to DC with a vase full of change this fall. Somehow it's much more satisfying when you buy something with money you've saved coin by coin.

Lucie Wicker said...

My dog would love the Melooni Floor Cushion and I would love to look at it. Something about the blanket draws my eye though, I am a sucker for rainbows!

Chroma Lab said...

Mallory, a trip to DC with just change is bonkers! Very inspiring. I gotta get my little jars going.

Lucie, I think Apollo would look even cuter (if that's possible) atop one of those floor pillows. And the blanket would do the same for you ;)