Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Paintbox Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson!

I was running around the internet as usual when I happened upon the blog of the recently formed Modern Quilt Guild, a collection of people around the country (and now the world) who make contemporary quilts using traditional techniques.

I've enjoyed quilts as long as I can remember, but never attempted one myself for a number of reasons (namely, lack of time and skill). But now that I've seen it, Elizabeth Hartman's Paintbox Quilt could put me over the edge into quilt-land, wow! The front is a perfectly organized array of square that reminds me of our Color Block clock:

And the back is the paintbox:

I love the idea of having a color reference chart on the back of a bed covering. Or maybe I would use that as the front! In any case, if you are smitten with this project, Elizabeth is generously heading up a Paintbox Quilt-Along on her blog, Oh, Fransson! The quilt-along started in January of this year, but you can jump in at anytime.

Elizabeth's blog includes a Paintbox reference page, and she has also set up a Flickr group for those who are participating to post pictures of their progress.


Christy B. said...

Any time you need quilting advice, shoot me an email!

Chroma Lab said...

Oh gosh, yes, anyone in need of quilting advice should call Christy! She comes from a quilting family :)