Friday, March 12, 2010

Meet You at the Chappaquiddick Stop

These fake subway posters by Transit Authority Figures, and husband and wife design team based in Northampton, MA, made me laugh out loud. A subway system on Cape Cod & the Islands and Martha's Vineyard would be awesome and totally silly and impossible at the same time.

There are more fake subway destination posters and t-shirts on their site, and if you want to see more of their work, view Rob and Damia's portfolio.


New City Kid said...

Having been a resident of Cape Cod,these are great!

Lucie Wicker Art said...

Omg, my Nantucket friends would be completely horrified by this concept! Love it, so fun and well done (that rhymed!).

Chroma Lab said...

New City Kid, I'm glad you enjoy them! Transit Authority Figures certainly know how to tap into those places people really have feelings for.

Lucie, why would your Nantacket friends be so horrified? Very curious!