Thursday, January 28, 2010

Heath Nash

If you haven't seen the work of Cape Town sculptor and designer Heath Nash, well by golly, it's time. Nash and his team of artisans craft beautiful light fixtures, housewares, and entire installations out of post consumer recycled goods like milk bottles, steel, and wire. The result is his aptly titled line Other People's Rubbish:

Multicolor Flower Ball - Medium

Milkhandleform Ball

Pink Flowerball - Small

Mulitcolor Bottleform Ball

Bottleball (Yogurt Cups)

I remember the above design making the rounds on blogs at some point, but I'd never seen his light fixtures. Yes it is beautiful here, isn't it?


Courtney said...

What a craftsman! These are fantastic, I can't believe how elegant they are (the Milkhandleform ball in particular). Thanks for the link!

Chroma Lab said...

I'm glad you like them , too, Courtney! His website has extensive info on how they are made, using a group of people from various organizations in his area, if you're interested in reading more about the process.