Monday, February 1, 2010

Color Your House

Last week, on the coldest day of the winter so far, our pipes froze when the basement door of our house was left open. Let me assure you, we we very pleased to be renters that day. Like a lot of people, though, we'd like to own a house. With Tony's skill set and my zeal for planning and organizing, I think we could renovate a house in our neighborhood without killing each other. Famous last words?

Surely one of the most exciting decisions that would come with owning a home is picking out a color for the exterior. We're lucky 'cause the building we live in now is purple, but let's face it--we'd probably be even more adventurous. Check out these colorful exteriors:

Perhaps all this color is too much for a traditionalist. How about a classic Burberry-esque plaid?

But you don't need to use pattern or even multiple colors to make your house stand out. You can just use one color...a really bright color like this electric blue in Rotterdam:

To see more of this house, including the fun interior, see the New York Times Style article Sky Lark.

Do you own a home? What color is it? If it could be any color or pattern, what would you choose?

Above photos seen on ReadyMade's Editor's Notes Blog.

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