Monday, July 20, 2009

Support the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee Fundraiser!

I'm reaching out to Chroma Lab's friends today to ask for help with a really special cause. Maybe you're already a fan of the best blog on the internet, the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee (IBKC), which chronicles the lives of foster kittens through the beautiful photographs of their foster mama, Laurie Cinotto. If you've never taken a look, we encourage you to do so!

The IBKC is especially important to Tony and I because our youngest cat, Maddie, was adopted from Laurie and her co-foster partner Kim through the Tacoma/Pierce County Humane Society in Washington. At the time, I (Alicia) was very sick, and my family collaborated with Laurie and Kim from across the country to adopt Maddie as a surprise to lift my spirits.

Baby Maddie was only a few days old when she first joined the IBKC.

Not only did Maddie lift my spirits, but I made a full recovery and now I enjoy my life with her every day. She is a special kitty whose affectionate nature and outgoing personality is the direct result of the copious love and care she received living with her foster moms Laurie and Kim and the rest of the IBKC.

Laurie and Kim fed Maddie by hand until she could eat solid foods.

A permanent resident of the IBKC, Super Kitty Charlene Butterbean
watched over Maddie and her foster siblings, Cornelius and Lottie.

Now, Laurie and former shelter cat Charlene Butterbean are fundraising for their local shelter's Dog-A-Thon, and the results so far have been AMAZING--over $17,000 raised! They've raised so much already that the shelter will be able to build an entirely new room for incoming cats and kittens! The Dog-A-Thon is in just four days, and Laurie and the rest of the IBKC community (and it is a community!) want to reach $20,000.

Tony and I the day we met and adopted Maddie.

To help the IBKC get there, we've donated one of our custom clocks to be auctioned off, with all the proceeds going to the fundraising efforts. You can bid on it until Wednesday July 22, or you can make a donation of any size here. Tony and I hope you will join us in contributing to such a worthy cause that secures the health and happiness of many animals AND their people! Every little bit helps, so click here to donate!

UPDATE: Over $21,000 raised for homeless kitties! Thanks for your help!

Pictures of Baby Maddie by Laurie Cinotto.


Laurie Cinotto said...

Awwwee, thanks for the lovely post, friends. Maddie was meant to be your kitty.

I just wanted to mention that I wasn't Maddie's only foster mama. The fostering responsibilities were shared with Kim. Together (and with your family) we plotted to get Maddie in your arms.

Thanks so much for your generosity and support. Your work is so lovely. Thanks for sharing a piece of it with us for our fundraiser! xo laurie

Chroma Lab said...

I'm sorry, Kim, I didn't mean to leave you out! Please see my corrected post :)

We love the IBKC, we only wish we could do more.

Laurie Cinotto said...

thanks for fixin' it !

oh you and your family have done MORE than enough!!!