Friday, April 15, 2011

Colorblock Love, Cont'd

Søren Rose Studio, the design studio behind this tree top chalet, has used the vibrant colors of this bedspread to great effect in a mostly black and white interior:

Images by John Bendsten

And I'd like to move in immediately, please. I've done some digging and can't find any information on the bedspread. Does anyone happen to know who makes it?


Colelatimer said...

I'm going to be honest. That's a little depressing. I like the quilt though! Check etsy - they have alot of quilts there that are super awesome like that.

In the meantime, maybe make-do with the "pixel" throw pillow from CrateNBarrel's CB2 company.

There is jut something about that room that is too... cold, too sterile. Like, this is all someone has left after a breakup, or the storm...

I much prefer something with a little life to it. Maybe it's just missing plants! He needs a palm or bamboo in there at least.

mimi k said...

Love the quilt too!