Friday, June 24, 2011

Tiny White Houses

I don't collect too many things, but lately I've realized that tiny white houses have become a full blown obsession for me. They make me deep down happy whenever I look at them, and things that make you deep down happy deserve a place in your home, right? We have a lot of colorful walls in our house, so luckily anything white looks nice and pop-y wherever it lands (including Tony's equivalent collection of replica human skulls!). I've had this little tealight house on my wish list for some time and finally let myself get it:

It has a little door, tiny windows on each side, and it totally encloses the tealight so there's less risk of hurting kitty tails. Sigh. Here's some more tiny white houses on my wish list:

Jane Austen House, Bath by Timothy Richards

The Jane Austen house is actually at the top of my list, because it could help prop up my original obsessive collection--many, many editions of Austen novels and biographies. Would you be kind enough to send any tiny white houses you find my way? I'd appreciate it so much. And I'm wondering, do you have any collections? What are they, and how do you integrate them into your decor? I'd love to know.

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