Monday, May 16, 2011

Colorful Homes

I'm sure you know Mallory McInnis from her various online pursuits, including the truly fantastic blog Where The Lovely Things Are, her tumblr blog Loveliness, and her mother-daughter business, the Merry Crown Society, among other things. I was excited to learn that she's expanded her reach by starting two new tumblr blogs, Wear Color and Colorful Homes. Mallory is an expert and prolific collector of all things bright, beautiful and inspirational, so I couldn't be more pleased to see this dedicated collection of interiors images:

Some of my favorite of her picks so far:

I had the pleasure of meeting Mallory last summer and she is just as I thought she'd be, smiley and fun and nice as all get out. So is it her sunny disposition that leads her to look for all things lovely, or the other way around? Either way I'm glad she shares it all with us.


Mallory said...

Alicia you are the grandest! That's just the way it is.

Chroma Lab said...

Aww, shoot. I just calls it like I sees it.

Rodney Orton said...

Yellow doors are actually pretty cute. Yellow is the easiest color to see, and it is best defined as the color of joy and happiness. That's why yellow doors seem to be so welcoming. And they also add a bit of energy and life to the room!