Monday, May 9, 2011

Citti by Zweed

We're back from our spring vacation! It was great to take some time off and focus on our own house for a change. I spent my free time doing what I like best--decluttering and organizing. Storing everything we need for all seasons in a relatively small space can be a challenge, which is why this modular storage system called Citti by Swedish company Zweed is so genius. Pick from a range of colors and sizes you've got a custom, ever-changeable console or bookshelf or buffet or shelving unit or...whatever!:

Citti is a great example of flexible, colorful and functional design. Ah, those Swedes. Or those Zweeds, I should say. I saw Citti on Shoebox Dwelling, a fantastic resource for design-oriented folks who live in small spaces. Do take a look!

1 comment:

chelsea lee said...

oh my. I need one. In every room and in every color. One ticket to Sweden please!