Monday, March 28, 2011

Super Moons

If moons are a trend, it's a serene and graphic trend I can get behind. In honor of the recent Super Moon, a selection of moon-related objects for the home:

I find these Luna Pendant lights breathtaking. Living in the city sometimes means not being able to get a good celestial view, so this would be a great addition to a room you spend time in the evenings. Seen on BLTD and available for purchase here.

This "Enormous Moon Floor Cushion" could be used as the world's coolest dog bed. "Cassie, go to the moon!" would be an awesome party trick. Available from Pedlars, a shop I found clicking around on Where the Lovely Things Are.

Maybe your taste runs less whimsical and more professorial, in which case a Moon Chart print could be a pictoric (and instructive!) focal point for a wall.


Colelatimer said...

I love the pendants! Except they are so expensive. I wish they were just printed on Japanese Paper lanterns... ;)

Chroma Lab said...

I feel a craft project coming on!