Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Clean!

I never really appreciated spring cleaning until I moved to the Northeast. Here, it's just too cold, too wet, and too salty to get anything properly clean until everything thaws...and we're still waiting on a complete thaw this season. But thoughts of thorough cleaning sustain me, and here's what I'd like in my arsenal this year:

A teeny tiny Smeg washing machine. A let's throw in a dedicated laundry room while we're at it.

A hand knit rainbow of dishcloths, which can be soaked in essential oils and used as dryer sheets!

A colorful bucket made from recycled soda bottles that has channels separating the dirt from the water you actually mean to mop with (genius).

A set of bathroom cleaners that works wonders and smells like eucalyptus and mint--the exact opposite of most burn-your-nostrils chemical cleaners.

Household scrub brush

A scrub brush that's handmade in Berlin. Isn't that where you like your scrub brushes to be handmade? What's in your spring clean toolbox?


Liz Noonan said...

my favorite things to scrub with are cheap hand cloths from Target - you get like, 12 of them for $3, it's a steal. Also? Baking soda - i put some orange oil in there and it's heavenly. I keep a shaker of it by my sink. Smells great, it's cheap and very safe! Plus it makes my hands soft!

Chroma Lab said...

I love using baking soda around the house. Adding orange oil is genius! I'll put it on my shopping list. Thanks, Liz!

Lia said...

Ohhh! Love the vintage feel of that laundry room. I can't wait to finish our laundry room properly and create a space like that. One that you would actually want to be in.