Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meowoodle and more

In honor of Charlene Butterbean's birthday, I hope you will indulge me in a cat-related post today. If you have a bookmark folder labeled "Kittehs" (I know it can't be just me), or if you're interested in discovering new designers, check out Meowoodle, a Tumblr dedicated to artists illustrating their cats!

In a similar vein, you must take a look at Cat Moves, the definitive illustrative chart of every kitty move ever made, by one of my favorite artists, Lucy Knisley:

See it large here, buy it as a print in a variety of sizes here, and see more of Lucy's work here.

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Fedulab said...

I love your blog and this PRRRRRRR post is really Miaw ^_^