Friday, February 18, 2011

How to Get More Donuts in Your Diet

We live a mere block from a Dunkin Donuts franchise. One. Short. Block. Most of the time I can control myself, but every now and again--and I must stress the now and again and not the every--I give in to the siren call and get a chocolate frosted for me and foist a Boston creme upon Tony.

These chocolate frosted donut-themed accessories wouldn't help me resist the ever-present temptation, but there would be something gluttonously hilarious about the wearing and use of each one.

For the serious (and fancy) donut aficionado:
Large Chocolate Donut necklace

For those looking for a more demure donut necklace:
Chocolate Glazed Donut Necklace by sugarpoptreats

A whimsical, double-take item for your bathroom sink:
Have a Donut Glycerin Soap by KcSoapsNmore (it's SCENTED, y'all)

For toting food...:
Double Chocolate Donut Tote by avrilloreti

But let's be reasonable. One can't live on donuts alone--nutritionists advise including a wide variety of foods in the diet, hence:

The Potato Chip Necklace

And no, I will never grow up.

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