Friday, December 10, 2010

Chroma Lab "Wish" List

Let us be clear: between a happy union, a flourishing business, and four super awesome animals to care for and enjoy, we truly want for nothing. But we do appreciate good, useful product design, and here's a few things we've had our eye on this year!

Because silence isn't an option, an Ask, Tell shirt from Revel & Riot.

We caved and got an iPad for Chroma Lab, which is great for sharing sample panels and Popplet galleries with clients. This BlockDock would be good for after hours when we're watching the latest kitty video on YouTube.

Tony, being a gentleman, is very into this matte grey 100 Series by Uniform Wares wristwatch.

I cook every day, so we've been building a rainbow of Le Creuset tools in our kitchen (to date: a red cast iron skillet and green tea kettle). This French oven in a bright orange hue is a for-sure purchase.

And howsabout this French rolling pin for its function and design? Nice, right?

Because sometimes I need some motivation, the Just Do It dish towel from To Dry For.

We try to save for what we want, so we'd enjoy using this Chalk-it-to-Me Piggy Bank (label: "Le Creuset French oven.")

We'd use this Hand Cranked Paper Shredder to make a mundane task just a little more fun.

We like this Pop-Up Pencil Cup from the MoMA Store because it's cheery and alliterative.
This Eyes Clock by Mike Mak makes us laugh out loud every time we see it. Super clever!

Unikko socks by Marimekko. Guess who these would be for?

Maira Kalman's fabulous "And the Pursuit of Happiness," a visual diary of our national history, is sure to be a favorite on the shelf in our house.

What do you have your eye on?

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