Friday, April 23, 2010

Texas Two-Step

Have you picked up the April/May issue of ReadyMade magazine yet? Not only is there a delicious looking tart and cool fabric on the cover...:

...but there's a stellar house tour inside, too! If you're a fan of colorful, hand painted interiors, you will delight in the "Texas Two-Step" feature of Jeff Barfoot's and Shay Ometz's home (they're the printmakers behind bee things!). I love their colorful, happy sense of style, and the mural in the kid's room is just the bee's knees. So to speak (ahem).

You'll want to get a copy for yourself to read about their home and see their style in detail. At the end of the feature, bee things gives a tutorial for screenprinting.

Since I'm in Dallas right now for a wedding, I wanted to share this Texan house today! Pretty sweet, right?


Liz Noonan said...

ooo...this is awesome! I'm looking for inspiration for the older girls bedroom which I am repainting this summer...this is an excellent example of color that pops w/out keeping the kids awake at night!

Chroma Lab said...

Ha, I love the idea of color so bright kids couldn't go to sleep! ReadyMade always has awesome house tours. Glad you stopped by, Liz!