Monday, April 19, 2010

It Could Also Be a Lemon. Or a Donut!

Albert Exergian designed a really clever series of posters reducing some beloved tv shows down to their most basic visual elements. I was so tickled to see that my favorite show was also my favorite poster:

Check out the whole series and order prints on Blanka. Is your favorite show represented? Which is it? If not, what would you choose to include on that show's poster?

Also see Exergian's personal site for more from the designer. Seen on Ariel Gordon's excellent blog!


the obsessive imagist said...

I LOVE this. This is the perfect representation of '30 Rock' . . . one of my favorite shows!

Chroma Lab said...

This whole series really got me excited, too. I'm thinking there should be a Glee poster with a slushie.