Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kate Spade on 5th Avenue

Last week we decided to find a new studio space, since the one we're in currently is kinda dark and shared with two other companies with very little separation. Within five minutes of beginning our search, we found a great one. Woo hoo! We've begun moving in already and we'll be sharing the pictures of the process with you soon. The best part--how to arrange, paint, and tweak our space?

Enter Kate Spade!

Last summer, the Kate Spade flagship store on 5th Avenue was revamped in a very colorful way, providing plenty o' inspiration. Check out these pictures of the space, courtesy of their blog, Behind the Curtain:

Hey, we can dream, right?


Jessie said...

I love those stripes! It's even the skin for my Google Chrome. I'm tempted to do them in my bedroom since my furniture's all black and white.

Chroma Lab said...

Oooo, Jessie, you should do it! If you do, please share the pictures with us, we'd love to see!