Wednesday, February 3, 2010

An Eames House Tour?! (faints)

House Industries, a type foundry based in Delaware, is giving everyone a chance to take a tour of the Eames House in California! Hot diggity! Click over here to enter to win one of three spots on the March 11th tour and to read the details.

After I entered the drawing, requested a catalog and downloaded some free fonts (they clearly understand how rabidly folks love free), I poked around their site and picked out some fun, type-inspired things for the home:

Small Neutraface Slab Pillow

Plus, you can...ahem...spend a little too much time playing around with their text setter, trying out your name in all the stellar typefaces they offer:

See you in two hours when you're done! Thanks to Grassroots Modern, where I learned about the drawing :)

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