Thursday, January 21, 2010

Color Me Obsessive Compulsive

I've got crayons on the brain.

It all started the other day, when on a routine run to the office supply store, I got a pack of twist-able crayons. They never get dull or shorten, and there's no need to peel back the wrappers, ruining what I like the most about crayons in the first place--the immaculate array of colors all perfectly even in the box!

The same day I picked up my new crayon set, I got a newsletter from Greenward, a store in Cambridge that's completely dedicated to eco-friendly goods. They just started carrying "green" crayons and other art supplies from a company called Clementine Art. I'd never considered what a crayon was really made of, but like a lot of other every day things we use, they contain not-so-good-for-you stuff like paraffin wax and other chemical additives.

Enter Clementine Art, who makes their crayons with soy and bees wax and natural mineral pigments. They're made in the USA with materials also produced in this country, and they're shaped for small hands (apparently, most people who color are tiny).

Then, a day or two later when I was reading the Metro on the T, I saw this tidbit culled from the blog "Crayola's Law: the number of colors doubles every 28 years!"

Then that reminded me of this awesome segment on how crayons are made from Sesame Street:

I hope those nice people haven't developed debilitating diseases from all the paraffin wax they've inevitably inhaled over the years. I bet they smell like this:

So anyway, long story short, I'm now reducing stress and making American Idol bearable with my twisty crayons and the Indie Rock Coloring Book Tony got me when he received a desperate phone call that I just had to start coloring right away.

BTDubs, here are some other coloring book options I found on Etsy. Enjoy!

Dwellings by thejuzzard

Color It Yourself 2010 Calendar from Daisy Janie

The Miniature Robots Coloring Book by monstergallery


Laurie Cinotto said...

speaking of crayons.. check out the kitty crayons!! you need these!! you can pick your colors too!!

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

I love that sesame street segment! I remember it too! Have you seen these edible crayons?

Chroma Lab said...

Laurie, those are awesome. I love the kitty candles, too, of course:

Samantha, those edible crayons are crazy. Good enough to eat...har har. I love your blog!