Monday, January 25, 2010

And Our Feet Have Only Just Recovered

A year ago Tony and I finished running the Miami half marathon! (You can see pics from our race here.) We had a great time training for and running the race with our friends from Team Challenge while raising money for the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation.

I have Crohn's disease, and for quite some time, the ability to run any distance, let alone lead a normal life, was completely out of my reach. Being healthy enough to run the race and run our business every day since is something I celebrate every day! The CCFA has been a huge part of my success, so I encourage you to look into the Team Challenge program if you are interested in raising money for a great cause while accomplishing something amazing yourself.

I wish we'd had this when we were training though:


Lucie Wicker Art said...

I love your "celebrate every day" concept, it's very uplifting. Congrats on your marathon-iversary :)

laura evans/photography said...

congratulations ... a wonderful achievement! i'm training for my first marathon & firmly believe that every good run deserves a treat! thanks for the link also. We are running ours for The Fisher House Foundation!

Chroma Lab said...

Thanks, Lucie :) It's cheesy, but true.

Laura, thank you, and keep up the great work with your training! What a great and necessary charity to support.