Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Boston Handmade Event at SOWA Open Market

If you haven't yet been out to Boston's South End Open Market this season, next Sunday, June 14th is the day to make sure you get there! Boston Handmade, a collection of Boston-area artists and craftspeople who make handmade items in studios, not factories, have been given top billing at this Sunday's market. Chroma Lab and 19 other Boston Handmade sellers will be in the front row from 10-4, with a live band, The Grown-Up Noise. This is a great opportunity to see what we all have to offer, including the Boston Handmade members below:

Mimi Kirchner's amazing handcrafted dolls are reason enough alone to attend the market. You simply must come and see the beautiful detailing and recycled and vintage fabrics Mimi uses to put together her clever characters!

Mimi has been working on a lot of new dolls for the market that aren't yet for sale on her Etsy page. You can preview more of Mimi's designs on her excellent blog, Doll.

Even Tony squeed when he first got to see one of Mimi's robots in person, and he's a fully grown man. You will not be disappointed!

Also squee-worthy are Amy's Bumble Belly Designs, which include her sweet "Walkies" leash racks. She uses vintage illustrations and pretty papers on the racks...and yes, she does custom versions to match your dog's breed. We knew you were going to ask that.

Amy also recently introduced a new line of pillows in a variety of themes. In addition to being a mom and artist, she also sails, and we love this bright, graphic pillow featuring nautical wind terms and a jaunty rope trim that was inspired by her Cape Cod adventures.

Another great reason to come out to SOWA Market this Sunday is to see the Vintage by Crystal display. Crystal makes hand-spun cotton ornaments and figures inspired by vintage German crafts, like these Horned Owls.

Crystal's kitty critter is here for the cake. We hear you, cake kitty, we hear you. To watch a video of Crystal teaching Martha Stewart how to make a needle felted nest on the Martha Stewart Show (yes, really!), click here.

Of course, Chroma Lab will also be out in full force on Sunday the 14th at SOWA Open Market with Mimi, Amy, Crystal and the rest of Boston Handmade, showing off our latest colorful furniture and clocks. We are busy working on several new pieces to show which we'll share with you soon (provided we can get them finished and photographed on time!). See you Sunday!


kelly said...

i'll see yall there- cant wait!

Chroma Lab said...

Great, Kelly, we'll be so happy to see you again!

Anonymous said...

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