Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Has to Come Out Eventually

Spring has technically arrived, but it's still pretty cold and grey in Boston. We just started our second tray of seedlings here at Chroma Lab headquarters with the hope that "if we plant them, spring will come (and then we can finally use our *&%^ balcony again)."

In the all-too-short warmer seasons, our balcony becomes an open extension of our living space, so we try to make it as comfortable and considered as the rest of our home. With so many seedlings growing (sooo many), we'll be needing yet more planters and accessories out there--twist our arms, right? For some time now we've been admiring the beautiful planters and bird feeders handmade in Brooklyn by our fellow Supermarket designer perch!:

Hello Round Bowl in turquoise by perch!

How could we resist such an amazing bowl for our kitchen while we're at it? Maybe if we put some of these pieces out on the balcony now, spring will make itself at home sooner. While you're over at Supermarket, check out our Chroma Lab Supermarket store and pick up a colorful handmade clock to bring some spring into the rest of your home, too.

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Ruth said...

I love that fruit bowl - blue fruit bowls seem to show off all the different colors of fruit the best.